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Indonesia Simalungun Nira Koji - Anaerobic Wet-Hulled with Koji

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Varietal Sigarar Utang, Caturra, Heirloom
Process Anaerobic Wet Hulled (Giling Basah) with Koji
Region North Sumatra
Producer SGO
Tasting Note TBC
Altitude 1200-1600masl

About this coffee:

Indonesia boasts a rich history of coffee production; however, its coffees have recently been overlooked by the specialty market. We take great pride in our innovative and continuously expanding supply chain, enabling us to offer you high-quality coffees sourced from various unique regions in Indonesia.

Wet-hulled coffees from Sumatra have long been a mainstay in espresso and milk-based coffees and are synonymous with Indonesian coffee.

Wet-hulled coffee has a distinctive tendency towards earthy, solid flavours. It has low acidity and brightness due to the fermentation during processing.

Our Simalungun wet-hulled coffee differentiates itself from other Sumatran coffees with its clean mouthfeel and particularly bright acidity. Expect almond, milk chocolate and bright orange notes. This is wet-hulled coffee at its best.

We achieve this through meticulous processing by our partners at Lisa & Leo Organic. CATUR only purchases triple-picked (TP) wet-hulled coffees, referring to the number of times the coffee is hand-sorted for defects. This extra quality control measure further contributes to a very consistent and outstanding cup comprised of cherries picked at optimum ripeness.

Ripe and red coffee cherries are picked, float the cherries on the water to filter out floaters and quakers, before pulping. The parchments are fermented overnight, which makes it easier to remove the mucilage in the morning. The parchments are wet-hulled at around 50% moisture and seed-dried on raised beds outside to 11-12% moisture.

The term "triple picked" describes the meticulous preparation of green beans, indicating that the coffee has undergone three rounds of sorting and cleaning before being packaged and shipped.

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