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Indonesia Bener Meriah G1 Triple Pick - Wet Hulled

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Varietal Timtim, Catimor, Bourbon
Process Wet Hulled (Giling Basah)
Region Bener Meriah, Aceh
Producer Gayo Mandiri Cooperation
Tasting Note Brown Spices, Chocolate, Caramel
Altitude 1300-1600masl

About this Central Sumatra Coffee:

Central Sumatra Indonesia owned plantation area which has a sufficient size of is an area with huge land and it is suitable for harvesting any plants. However, the dutch colonized Indonesia and introduced coffee plants in 1699. Thus since then, these four areas are known as producers of high-quality coffee plantations.  

The result of years of cultivation and method are preserved, thus producing One of which that was harvested by their ancestors thousand years ago coffee beans. Their ancestors have their own methods that produce a very aromatic and tasty coffee and this is what makes people addicted to Central Sumatra coffee. This gives the founder idea to widen our Central Sumatra coffee consumers all around the world.     

As their family started this business to maintain the culture, promote their natural resources, and empower their local community. Under the name PT Sentral Sumatera Kopi Corporation, they are able to grow this company along with economic growth in their community. This business has been passed down to their 2nd generation which means they are already in this service for decades.

About Wet-Hulled:

The wet-hulled process commences with a standard pulping step to remove the cherry skin, followed by the beans' placement in fermentation tanks, where a significant portion of the mucilage layer remains intact on the parchment. Overnight, the beans undergo a dry fermentation within their own pulp. 

Subsequently, they undergo a washing process. Following this, the parchment is dried briefly until it reaches a moisture level of 25 to 30%. Producers have the option to sell their coffee as wet parchment or partially dried parchment to buying centres, which then hull the coffee at the elevated moisture level, facilitating a faster drying process.

The term "triple picked" describes the meticulous preparation of green beans, indicating that the coffee has undergone three rounds of sorting and cleaning before being packaged and shipped.

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