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Panama Janson Estate - Senja Janson #03 Lot 868 - Anaerobic Washed Honey

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Variety Green-tip Geisha
Processing Anaerobic Natural
Region Baru Volcano, Chiriqui, Panama
Processor Janson Estate
Altitude 1350-1750 MASL
Crop 2023/2024
Notes Earl Grey Tea. Nectarine. Jasmine.

About this Janson Estate:

Janson’s coffee plantations have an average altitude between 1,350 and 1,700 masl. They are located on the slopes of Tisingal and Baru volcanoes, which are part of the Talamanca mountain range in the Chiriqui highlands, providing unique climate and terroir to grow their coffee.

The farms are micromanaged in lots for traceability and quality control. The plantations are separated by forests that serve as natural barriers against pests and protect the natural flora and fauna of the region. Their goal is a quality production in harmony with the natural environment. For this reason, they are maintaining a balance of nutrients in the soil without pesticides, herbicides, and others.They have their own nursery where they are carefully select special-grade arabica seeds for their green tip geisha, catuai, caturra, and pacamara seedbeds.

In 1993, they built a processing plant exclusively for specialty coffee, including several selections to separate coffee by quality and origin. They do natural and wash processing using updated technology combined with artisanal methods to obtain the best quality. All of their premium coffees go through traditional drying preparation plus hand selection.

About Senja:

“Senja” means sunset in Sanskrit. Just like the different color and stages of the sunset, this taste profile is signified by a combination of deeper and complex vibrancy with an accompanying fruit sweetness and rounded body.

Senja utilises blending techniques as well as bacteria & fungi based inoculants.

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